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The Devil's Run: Route 666 is a 20mm-scale post-apocalyptic vehicular combat board game from Word Forge Games.

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Devil's Run is firstly, a 'pick-up and play' board game that can be played quickly over a beer or a soda for a hour or so between a couple (or gang) of mates. Then secondly, as an in depth gaming experience, where people can build a gang of weird and wonderful vehicles and a narrative campaign of sagas and developing characters. It is important to us that people convert and create, that is why we have made this a 20mm scale game, meaning people can include their conversion of for example, Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars and a whole plethora of Devil's Run character models. We are so passionate about the use of conversions that we have produced conversion kits of wheels, weapons and armours.

Devil's Run: Route 666 was successfully launched via Kickstarter in May, 2015. A "stand alone expansion set", Devil's Run, Route 666: Reaper's Revenge was introduced in April 2017 to replace the sold out core box. A successfully funded Kickstarter ,was launched in September 2016 and saw the second "stand alone expansion set", Devil's Run, Hell's Highway. There has been another "stand alome expansion set" released , Devil's Run. Miles' Massacre to correspond with the RPG Devils Run Roleplaying Game, which was released by Red Scar in 2020.

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